Axial Preform E40-2

Axial Preform E40-2

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  • Easy to use and to adjust
  • Adjustment of pitch dimension and cut length requires no tools
  • Accurate bending and cutting.
  • Left and right cut length are independently adjusted
  • Small pitch dimension are possible
  • Compact, space saving design
  • Low maintenance

Reel Holder

Feeding device for loose components

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Technical Data

Lead diameter 0.3 – 0.8mm
Pitch external
Bend dimension from end of lead simple
tape width 7.8
Output from motor option 45
Output from manual option 101-200mm
Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm 240 x 165 x 210
Weight (kg) 9


Axial leaded component preforming and cutting machine.

Hand cranked (non-motorised option) de-taping. pre-bending and cutting machine for taped axial components. Resistors, capacitors, diodes etc.

Additional information

Lead diameter

0.3 – 0.8mm


6.5 – 50.0mm

Bend dimension from end of lead

3.0 – 15.0mm

tape width

38.0 – 110.omm

Output from motor option

70,000 cph

Output from manual option

40,000 cph

Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm

240 x 165 x 210

Weight (kg)


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