IRHP 100 A – heating plate


IRHP 100 A – heating plate

£2,055.00 plus VAT.

Power up you manual soldering process!

  • control via i-CON soldering station with interface
  • non-contact preheating of assemblies during lead-free hand soldering
  • preheating of SMT components
  • active heating area 125 x 125 mm
  • reflowing of single sided PCBs (prototypes)
  • hardening, curing and drying of pastes, varnishes, pastes and glues
  • heating plate is adjustable to six power levels
  • clearly visible status signal on the heating plate
  • requires i-CON control station with interface

X-Y PCB table with height adjustment

£720.00 plus VAT.

Control cable to connect heating plate with i-CON soldering stations

£35.00 plus VAT.

Technical Data

Diameter / Width (mm) 200 x 260 x 53.5
Weight (kg) 2.5
Antistatic Design (y/n) y
Power Rating in W 800 (limited)
Nominal voltage in V AC 230
Test symbol CE

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