Ersa 0F007 Temperature sensor


Ersa 0F007 Temperature sensor

£80.30 plus VAT.

8 mm diameter thermal sensor for temperature control station (0RA4500D)
The use of the thermo sensor optimizes the temperature monitoring of the soldering baths 0T02, 0T03, 0T04, 0T04, 0T05, 0T06, 0T07 and 0T11.

Technical Data


The thermo sensor is only suitable for lead-containing solder alloys.

This temperature sensor is a type J (Fe/CuNi). This is pre-assembled with an 8-pin plug.

Material of the protective tube: Stainless steel
Sensor can be used in the measurement range between 50 °C and 500 °C.
Bending of the sensor is possible in order to adapt it to the working area. The bending radius should be 10x greater than the outer diameter of the protective tube.

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