Single EasyArm Extraction unit


Single EasyArm Extraction unit

£880.00 plus VAT.

Extraction Arm Omniflex with Hinge

Adaptor for Nozzle Omniflex

Nozzle coupling Omniflex for filter device ERSA EASY ARM 1 and 2 (only for suction arm Omniflex 0CA10-4003 and suction nozzle 0CA10-5001/5004/5005)

Ersa 0CA10-5004 Suction Nozzle Solder Fume Extractor

The Ersa 0CA10 series is extraction nozzle plus and its transparent in nature. This nozzle fits to high flex and omniflex extraction arms. The dimensions of nozzle is the 230 x 85mm.

This combination filter used with EASY ARM 1 and EASY ARM 2

Stand-by switch for EASY ARM 1 & EASY ARM 2

Stand-by switch for EASY ARM 1 & EASY ARM 2. Operation of the switch by foot or hand possible.

Technical Data

Weight (kg) 9.5

Lead time 10 working days


Single Arm Extraction unit

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Weight (kg)


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